How to Choose the Right Message

Knowing which message will resonate most with an audience can be challenging. There are numerous factors to consider, such as the phrasing you use, the words you choose, and more. Many organizations have tried-and-true messaging that, year after year, season after season, market shift after market shift, continues to deliver results and ROI. But how…

Talk It Out: Successful Focus Group Discussion Tips

A lot of thoughtful work and planning goes into ensuring a focus group discussion generates the type of deep insights a client seeks. Here are a few tips from our experts on how to successfully moderate one. Focus groups generate deep insights by bringing together a small group of people (usually about eight to ten)…
Poll Response

To Poll or Not to Poll

Due To The Prominence Of Polls, Clients Often Come To Meeting Street Insights Assuming They Are The Best And Easiest Method For Getting The Information They Need. Often This Is True. Sometimes It’s Not. When we at Meeting Street tell new acquaintances what we do for a living, most people hear “market research” and think…

Margin of Error in Survey Research

Margin of error is a very specific measure of sample bias, and it can help you determine how accurate a survey is likely to be. But it doesn’t account for every bias that might impact the accuracy of a survey. To get to more accurate results, survey researchers must contend with bias, both their own…

Five Tools to Help You Talk Turkey with the Family

Get a few tips from our trained focus group moderators on navigating holiday get-togethers. The holiday season is officially upon us and, for many of us, that means spending quality time with the family. If you’re one of the fortunate few, your relatives and you share “relatively” the same viewpoints on some of life’s more…

An Interview with Rob Autry

It will come as no surprise to anyone who works with us, that we love what we do and we will never turn down an opportunity to talk about our passion for polling. Survey questions and data compilation may not be the most exciting conversation topics for everyone, but when you dig deep you see…
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know the winning issues,
targets, and positioning

know the winning issues,
targets, and positioning