To Poll or Not to Poll

Poll Response

Due To The Prominence Of Polls, Clients Often Come To Meeting Street Insights Assuming They Are The Best And Easiest Method For Getting The Information They Need. Often This Is True. Sometimes It’s Not. When we at Meeting Street tell new acquaintances what we do for a living, most people hear “market research” and think…

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Margin of Error in Survey Research

Margin of error is a very specific measure of sample bias, and it can help you determine how accurate a survey is likely to be. But it doesn’t account for every bias that might impact the accuracy of a survey. To get to more accurate results, survey researchers must contend with bias, both their own…

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Optimism Plunges Among Minnesota Manufacturing Executives

The latest annual study conducted by Meeting Street Insights on behalf of Enterprise Minnesota shows deep concerns among manufacturing executives. Every year, Meeting Street Insights conducts a State of Manufacturing survey for Enterprise Minnesota. Hundreds of manufacturing executives in the state, including owners, CEOs, CFOs, COOs, presidents, vice presidents, and managing officers share their observations…

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Prepare to Wait — We Might Not Know the Next President on Election Day

New polling data from Meeting Street Insights shows that the break-down of mail-in and in-person votes might delay final election results. Americans have become accustomed to getting election results on Election Day. But polling data from Meeting Street Insights show there is a good possibility that the results of the election could be very different…

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Six Ways of Looking at the 2020 Presidential Election

New polling data and analysis from Meeting Street give deeper insights into the 2020 Presidential Election Beyond the horserace polling, there are other data points that provide a more complete understanding of the Presidential race. We wanted to take a closer look at some of these. Six factors to consider are (1) ballot test polling…

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Voters and The Supreme Court

New research from Meeting Street Insights shows that the Supreme Court is one of many important election issues for voters. With the passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Supreme Court has taken on new importance in the discourse around the Presidential and Senate elections. Meeting Street Insights launched a national survey to learn more…

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Mailing It In

Mailbox Showing Early Voting

A new survey by Meeting Street Insights shows that over two-thirds of voters plan to cast their ballots early. More voters are likely to mail in absentee ballots or vote early this year than ever before. Here in North Carolina, for instance, over 800,000 voters have already requested absentee ballots. That’s nearly one-fifth of the total number…

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Parents Are Deeply Conflicted About Sending Their Kids to School, And It’s Not Just About Education

One of the largest national studies of parents of school-aged children highlights how concerns about health, academic progress, and job security are shaping educational and lifestyle decisions. Just over five months into the pandemic in America, people are overwhelmed. COVID-19 has literally reshaped virtually every public system, including the economy, job market, and healthcare. At…

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COVID-19 Has Changed Every Part of Daily Life for Parents and Kids

Meeting Street Insights Greenlight Card Covid Research

Meeting Street Insights research of more than 1000 American families reveals sweeping consequences and strong sentiments. The staggering impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak on large-scale public systems, including politics, economy, healthcare, and education are well-documented. Less understood is how deeply personal those impacts have been on families working to navigate the environment of risk and…

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