Qualitative research gives context and perspective. Because it’s subjective, you can hypothesize and dig deeper into what your targets think and feel. In legal terms, this would be circumstantial evidence. This is the approach we will explore with you if your questions, issues, and hypotheses require a fundamentally human element. These instances might be to ideate product concepts, investigate brand health, or explore the attitudes various market segments have about a societal issue. In every case, we will tailor the qualitative research to answer your most pressing questions and execute at scale.

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Qualitative Research Methods

Whether in focus groups, interviews, or other creative discussion formats, these are vital conversations. We’ll help you to design, deploy, and decipher insights you can act on and share with absolute confidence.

In-person focus groups

generate deep insights by bringing together small numbers of people to discuss a topic.

One-on-one in-depth interviews (IDIs)

provide opportunities for direct and personalized engagement with a participant in-person or over the phone.

Advertising/program testing

inform strategies by testing ad concepts, visuals, and execution methods before they are made public.

Bulletin board discussion groups

or bulletin board focus groups engage online participants in a threaded discussion on a dedicated message board over a period of time to gather deep insights. QualBoard bulletin board discussion groups use a flexible digital engagement platform to generate insights from participants anywhere in the world.

Consumer journals

can generate deeply human insights from their actual thoughts and feelings about a product, service or concept, along with associated ideas, impressions, and opinions.

Dial groups

produce real-time data about the thoughts and feelings of a particular audience.

Online dial groups

offer both live and recorded methods to produce real-time data about the thoughts and feelings of a particular audience.

Online advertising/program testing

informs strategies by testing ad concepts, visuals, and execution methods with participants across the country or across the globe before they are made public.

Online focus groups

generate qualitative data quickly and often at less cost than the traditional in-person methods.

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