Meeting Street Insights is the catalyst for winning political campaigns. The insights you gain inform the structure and strategic direction of your campaign strategy. We’ll oversee every detail of your research. Identify key targets and build detailed voter profiles for tactical targeting of earned and paid media. Clarify what brand positioning and messaging will resonate with key audiences before you release them.

Meeting Street Insights performs continuous monitoring of messaging and issues central to a political campaign so candidates and campaign managers can mitigate vulnerabilities, build support, and secure a winning platform. Know more, win more.

Meeting street insights
knows campaigns.

With more than 50 congressional, seven gubernatorial and U.S. Senate, and 450 state legislative surveys, plus presidential elections in the U.S. and four other countries, we know absolutely that the key to success is built on the right candidate, the right political campaign strategy, and the right team.

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A winning campaign is built on having accurate data and sound advice. Meeting Street provided my campaign with both. Every public poll in the country had us losing and were shocked when we won. We weren’t.

~ President Juan Carlos Varela, Panama

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know the winning issues,
targets, and positioning

know the winning issues,
targets, and positioning