Know how key stakeholders feel about your brand or about the issues and legislation that are important to you and to the success of your organization. Meeting Street Insights public policy research will help you uncover perception, predict how a messaging campaign will perform, and prioritize issues and legislation. No more guessing. Know exactly how to connect with your key audiences and position your campaign for a win.

public policy polling shapes direction.

Meeting Street Insights understands the needs of trade associations, public advocacy or interest groups, and corporations that have ties to politics or government. As your research partner, we’ll help outline the objectives of a study, “sell” the goal and plan to key decision-makers, design and execute the research, and translate intelligence into answers and actionable steps.

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Enterprise Minnesota greatly benefits from its 12-year relationship with Rob and the Meeting Street team. They produce our State of Manufacturing® survey and the quality, analysis, presentation, customer relations, advice, and humble approach are top notch. We could not ask for a better partner!

~ Bob Kill, Enterprise Minnesota President & CEO

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know the winning issues,
targets, and positioning

know the winning issues,
targets, and positioning