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Voter Motivation in the 2020 Presidential Election

A common discussion in political circles (and around certain dinner tables) has been whether voters are moved more by policies they agree with or policies they oppose. In other words, are voters voting for candidates they like or against candidates they don’t? This discussion has become even more pronounced since President Trump’s election. No president…

What are the pros and cons of online survey research?

Online surveys are just one of the many tools that public opinion researchers have to gather data. Thanks to a proliferation of DIY online survey platforms (with funny primate names), the mechanism is widely understood and used. As with most tools, online survey research offers a host of benefits and drawbacks that are important to…

Getting to the Heart of the Most Important Issue for Voters in 2020

With so much focus on impeachment, recession fears, and conflicts in the Middle East, it’s easy to overlook one important data point. Health care remains the most important issue for voters who are deciding how they are going to vote for U.S. Congress in November.   In fact, health care far surpasses any other voter issue.…

Do you Know How Voters Feel About Capitalism and Socialism?

Few words in political discourse are as charged as the term socialism. Even getting people to agree on a definition is complicated. What is socialism? Is it government control of the means of production? Is it a market economy with significant government regulation? Despite how commonplace the term is in the public discourse, the reality…
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The Art and Science of Research (eBook)

Generally speaking, most research methodologies are relatively standard tools. And like most tools, their value depends on the ability of the user. How well you balance qualitative and quantitative research can determine whether or not you win. This eBook will help you set a strategy and hypothesis, and deploy questions that expose the valuable insights…
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Introducing the New Meeting Street Insights Brand

You can instantly recognize a well-done brand. The colors and shapes on a political bumper sticker can quickly form a kinship with the driver of its car or make you wonder about their judgment. The logo and letterform on a powerful corporation can trigger a sense of brand affinity. The name and rallying cry of…
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know the winning issues,
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know the winning issues,
targets, and positioning