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National Coronavirus Study Shows Strong Bipartisan Support for the Federal Stimulus: eBook

Catherine Goodwin

The first in the ongoing national survey series about the immediate and projected ongoing impacts of COVID-19, How Coronavirus is Changing America, focuses on public response to the national stimulus bill.

On March 25th, in response to the economic and social upheaval caused by COVID-19, the federal government passed a $2 trillion stimulus bill. We conducted a national survey to assess how the bill would be perceived overall and with regard to specific provisions. Our findings highlight how increased information changes voters’ opinions and how the bill could impact voting trends. In this first ebook in the series, you’ll gain a sense of the public opinion of the federal stimulus overall and by key demographics.

There is Broad Bipartisan Agreement Across Most Aspects of the Federal Stimulus

Support to Airlines and NEA funding are the two exceptions

NEA and airline funding do not receive non-partisan support in COVID-19 survey about the stimulus bill

Study Highlights

  • There is widespread, bipartisan support across the country for the federal stimulus package.
  • Independent voters are the most skeptical of the package, but even then, 78% support it after hearing the details.
  • The more voters hear about what’s in the package, the more they support it. 
  • Eight elements of the stimulus received over 80% support (out of fourteen tested).
  • Funding for the NEA is the only part of the package that isn’t supported by a majority of voters.

This data comes from a Meeting Street Insights national online survey of 1,000 registered voters conducted March 29 – April 1, 2020.

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