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Introducing the New Meeting Street Insights Brand

Rob Autry

You can instantly recognize a well-done brand. The colors and shapes on a political bumper sticker can quickly form a kinship with the driver of its car or make you wonder about their judgment. The logo and letterform on a powerful corporation can trigger a sense of brand affinity. The name and rallying cry of a global campaign can generate an emotional response. 

Brands are icons that connect quickly, then take root, and mature over time through the way people experience them. 

For the past five years, Meeting Street has grown and evolved as we’ve asked questions on behalf of our clients, listened, hypothesized, analyzed, and informed. We’ve helped to uncover ideas that have pushed some of the best-known names, movements, and brands into the world. 

During that time, society and individuals have marched forward. Technologies have emerged and enabled new ways of communicating and connecting. The business and budgets of research have changed too. Through all of this contextual shift, Meeting Street has adapted and matured. 

Through the voices and successes of our partners and clients, we discovered our greater value. We know what makes us stand out in an industry marked by very capable practitioners. That difference is insight. And so with that understanding, we embarked on a brand refresh.

Ask. Listen. Win.

The value of research lies not in the tools and methods. It lies in the strategies, reasons, and takeaways. It lies in the ideas and knowledge that often exist between the lines. Those are the insights that remain hidden unless you know how to spot it, connect it, and transform it into real, useful knowledge. And that is where we thrive.

Almost a year ago, we began the process of reconsidering our brand identity. It began with our logo and images. We were looking for a visual identity that would reflect our sophistication, size, and our roots in Charleston. After five years, we’d grown up. The visual refresh prompted us to think more deeply about how we tell and show the world who we are as a company and a team, and about how we convey our experience and capabilities.

We began with some research of our own and confirmed what we suspected, that our founder Rob Autry was nearly synonymous with what people noted about the company. We had earned awards for ourselves and significant client wins in the U.S. and abroad for major political figures, global organizations, and causes that impact how we all live. And yet, the perception was that we were small. Highly capable, responsive, and razor-sharp, but Meeting Street Research was Rob’s company.

Depth and direction.

So we set about making two more major changes. First, we have changed our name to reflect our most significant differentiator. 

Meeting Street Research has become Meeting Street Insights. 

The next thing we did was to produce this new website. It’s our digital handshake for those who don’t yet know us, and a touchpoint for those who do. We’ve designed it to give you a sense of who we are, how we think, what we do, and what you can expect from us. Going forward, it’ll be the platform from which we share thinking, wins, growth, and all the ways we can help you see the real value that lies between the lines.

The last thing we’ve done is to seal the deal. In what might seem like a ‘cart and horse’ approach, we’ve relocated our offices from Montague Street to Meeting Street. It seemed necessary. Not just because we’ve outgrown our office but because this fresh brand is our future. 

Get to know us — again or for the first time. A lot has changed but one thing hasn’t. We are here to be a responsive partner who’ll do what it takes to make you smart and successful.

Questions? Get in touch anytime. 

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know the winning issues,
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